Oleg's Wardrobe

Oleg's Wardrobe

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The Village was happy. For years, its people celebrated nothing in particular; joyously throwing small objects into the sky and jumping up and down. Their kindness was so real, so tangible, that the Orb of Prosperity formed, giving the people something around which to dance in a rather silly, but quite happy, fashion.

King Oleg the Horrible, however, hated the happy hamlet – in fact, he hated everything: the sound of grass growing, the smell of fresh snow, and the tiny hats the people liked to wear. The King was cruel to the people in his kingdom, silencing laughter and kicking toddlers. For years, he would grumble and mumble incoherently to himself, but the dancing…. Oh, the dancing was the last straw for Oleg. He stole the Orb from the Village, and now things that were once thrown into the air are placed sadly on the floor.

Oleg has locked the Orb away in a secret compartment in a wardrobe he uses for small things like his fingernail clippings and sense of self-worth. Knight Nyte the Sleepy Soldier has stolen Oleg’s Wardrobe, but he can’t find the Orb! The cabinet opens, but the drawers are empty! Alas, without freeing the Orb the people’s prosperity will forever be out of reach. It is up to you to find the Orb so that its magic may be released, and the people saved, to laugh and dance and wear their tiny hats once more.

From: Tiny Hats and the Ogre that Hated Them, a Record of the Village that Prospers Once More


Oleg's Wardrobe is a sequential discovery puzzle with more than 15 steps to find and release the prize. It's made from Peruvian walnut and African striped mahogany. The dimensions are 5" x 7" x 3.5". 

Thank you to Brent Hessel for your involvement in writing this short story.