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Apeiron is a Greek word meaning “unlimited, boundless, or infinite”.  This name was chosen for the shape it resembles.  However, you may find it also describes the length of time to solve this devilishly tricky puzzle.

The goal is to remove the lid and gain access to the internal compartment.  Manipulation of the two knobs is needed to achieve this goal.  While the mechanism is simple, it’s rather difficult to execute.

Apeiron is made from black walnut and maple.  Dimensions are 6.25” x 3.25” x 2.25”. 


At DEDwood Crafts, I diligently aspire to create puzzles that meet high standards of quality.  While Apeiron is a fully functional puzzle and operates as intended, I am somewhat disappointed in the fine exterior details.  Therefore, I am offering Apeiron at a significant discount.